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Alice & Alistair's Footprints Journey


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Who developed Footprints and why?


The Footprints Programme for Schools was developed by two individuals committed to enabling young people to establish a bedrock of educational confidence and personal responsibility in their lives.


The authors have nearly forty years combined experience of working with children, teachers and high level professionals in the corporate, education and third sectors.



Dr Simon P Walker, D Prof, MTh, MA Oxon, BTh, MBPsS, APECS


Simon P Walker the co-author of the Footprints School Programme is a writer, innovator and practitioner in the field of social cognition.


Simon is a cognitive biologist as well as a social psychologist. Simon has spent the past fifteen years researching how the mind steers social relationships. His description of 'steeing cognition' has been the foundation of all his work, including his books on Undefended Leadership.


Simon taught at Oxford University from 2003-9. His doctorate was awarded in 2015.



Dr, Jo Walker, DProf, BA (QTS)


Jo Walker, co author of the Footprints Schools Programme, had been an OFSTED outstanding classroom teacher for many years. She spent seven years as a LA advisory teacher and trainer for BESD and was latterly Deputy Head teacher at an inner city primary where she had responsibility for teaching and learning.


Footprints Schools Programme reflects a compassion Jo has for young people that through it, young people may gain dignity, depth, hope and purpose for their lives.


Jo was awarded her doctorate in adolescent self-regulation in 2017.


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The Footprints Curriculum is a 12 lesson, two stage curriculum designed to support schools adopting AS Tracking.


Children are taught to 'steer' how they relate to each other, and themselves, through a playful, story-based curriculum.


Through the language of the 'footprint' they leave on others' 'space', children acquire deeper self and social awareness in an age-appropriate, interactive, and engaging way.*


The language is based on the same psychological constructs that are measured and tracked by AS Tracking. As a result, Footprints teaches to children what AS Tracking informs teachers to signpost through the data.


Used together, Footprints and AS Tracking provide a coherent, and pioneering, approach to pastoral tracking and education.


* Resources are provided for all lessons, assemblies and activities.




The Footprints Curriculum is provided FREE to all schools adopting AS Tracking